Dell SSD standoff spacer screw

Find DELL SSD Standoff Screw

You just got a good deal on a second-hand Dell 3060 SFF computer and the first thing you do is upgrade it. Amazon has great prices on SSDs and the only thing that’s missing is the standoff screw.

Dell SSD standoff spacer screw
Dell SSD standoff spacer screw

Good news. Amazon has those too but which ones will fit? Most of the listings are for ASUS or MSI main boards. Since Dell uses proprietary hardware, the screws will be too small. There are countless posts and QAs which state the irony, some even call Dell bad names which, in this case, is deserved. How hard is it to include a screw in an otherwise good computer? According to Dell, we are supposed to get that on Amazon and play $10 for something that should have been included.

Hint! If you are in the market for a second-hand computer then take a moment to open the case and look. If you don’t see the standoff screw (the one that sticks out from the main/mother board) then negotiate a discount. Mounting an SSD without that spacer can ruin the system.

So which spacer standoff screw fits

Last night, I had to outfit a Dell Optiplex 3060 SFF computer with an SSD and luckily, was able to deliver today – just in time. Amazon is amazing!
The package I’ve ordered included an assortment of screws and out of the 9, three fit perfectly tight. As shown in the picture, the SSD is properly lifted and won’t touch any components on the main board. In addition, the gap between the SSD and main board serves as a cooling source which is very important. A hot SSD is not what we want in our computers.

IMPORTANT! Please double check before you buy this. I can confirm that the center three screws with the thicker thread fitted perfect into the Dell Optiplex 3060 SFF main board. Your mileage may vary.

Lastly, this is not an affiliate post. I have no amazon account other than stuff I buy for myself. Please keep that in mind. The only reason why I post this is simply to help with finding a part that is hard to find. I searched for hours and took a risk on the above package (clicking the screw picture should open the amazon link).

Good luck and enjoy your new fast-booting computer. SSD’s are amazing unlike the fake speed reviews of graphic cards that are so much faster then the last model. SSD’s don’t need a bar graph to convince. Right after you install your operating system on an SSD you know that you are booting in seconds instead of minutes. If only the same were true for RAM.

Thanks for reading. Please post if you have a question.

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