best linux distribution 2022

Best Linux Distribution 2022

The best Linux distribution in 2022 is EndeavourOS

This blog article is my take on the best Linux distribution for creative individuals who want to use Linux in 2022. Unlike many other bloggers who, in the end, leave the reader with little to go on, I will be very specific. Linux has had tremendous advances this year. We got a much more powerful kernel, NVIDIA continuously improved and updated their driver plus all of the countless tweaks and software updates which make Linux THE operating system of operating systems.

Because some of us are still new to Linux, I have picked two Linux distributions which run the same software applications but differ in ease of configuration.

Before I wrote this article, I have tested the following distributions and then picked the two best ones. Here is a list of other distribution that I have installed and tested.

  • OpenSuse Tumbleweed
    For working individuals, OpenSuse Tumbleweed is is way ahead of anyone else. OpenSuse has features such as snapshots which currently no other distribution can match (keyword “match” for many have Timeshift which is great but not the same). Because of that and many other advanced features, OpenSuse is a much better Linux distribution than all of the others combined but since a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, I do not recommend OpenSuse Tumbleweed to average Linux users.
    There is a lot of documentation but vague help for the issues such as switching from Network Manager to Wicked or dealing with NVIDIA complexities.
    Bottom line: If Google can not help then it’s best to consider another daily driver. If how ever you can tame the best then look no further.
  • Fedora Workstation
    As many reviewers noted, Fedora 35 is a top notch Linux distribution but there seems to be some arrogance or confusion at the engineering level. Installing very small packages which hardly ad any function require upwards of one GIG of additional packages.
    Just tested. Adding three small Gnome Extensions such as User Themes, Dash to Panel and Compiz windows effect downloaded a total of 1.3 Gig worth of data. Pathetic!
    To me, such an implementation of Gnome should not get rewarded regardless of the reputation and brand recognition RedHat has. If I want a Gnome extension then it should install like expected without pulling a ton of code. If you don’t know what I am talking about and happen to be installing Fedora then simply open the System Monitor and keep an eye on the Total Received value. You’ll be amazed on how fast 2 Gigabytes worth of files get downloaded without installing anything major.
    If that doesn’t bother you then by any means, Fedora is good. If you want a lean and mean Linux experience then my number one pick is EndeavourOS.

#1 EndeavourOS

best linux distribution 2022

EndeavourOS is my number one choice because of the minimal amount of packages which get installed. Besides the latest cutting-edge software versions, EndeavourOS also comes with a friendly and helpful online support forum which most other distributions can’t match.
In contrast, visit the ArcoLinux support forum and read a few posts. You will quickly understand how important the community behind a distribution is.
I started using Linux in 1999 while working for IBM Canada and still, sometimes I have to deal with an issue that is better solved by someone smarter than I.
Verdict: EndeavourOS is easy to install, bloat-free and has the best support community second to none.


The Ubuntu distribution can be summed up in just one sentence. Ubuntu WORKS!
What ever you want to do in Linux, if a distribution is difficult to configure then try Ubuntu. Most likely, everything just works without much tweaking. I love programmers who are capable of understanding their user base and Ubuntu simply shines in that regard.
Need a SAMBA server? Click, click, click and voila. Install Ruby? No problem. Although Ubuntu is the most practical Linux distribution, it does have a corporation behind it and therefore comes with some questionable strategies which place Ubuntu still high on my top Linux distribution list but not in the top spot.

My Linux setup and configuration

I do a wide variety of work which ranges from audio recording, graphics and web design to 3D modeling and Python programming. To maximize the little time I have, I configure specific machines with the minimum amount of software that I need for work.

My Dell graphics design workstation runs only:

  • Blender
  • Gimp
  • FreeCAD
  • CURA

Another Dell office computer mostly runs Thunderbird and LibreOffice. To have a dedicated machine for email is a big advantage because it gives me the option to reinstall the operating system on any computer without down time.

My main web design workstation which I also use for programming runs EndeavourOS with Atom as my main code editor. Previously I used mostly Codium but for some reason, Atom just feels good to use right now. Will see.

Gnome desktop

My biggest adoption of 2021 was the switch from XFCE to Gnome. After ArcoLinux had issues with Blender as well as my MSI laptop (Optimus), I tried Ubuntu and was instantly impressed. Upon using Ubuntu for a few months I knew that everything else is “Linux the hard way”. SAMBA file sharing was a couple of mouse clicks and the dual 4K displays worked nicely without much tweaking.
Because of that positive experience, I have now switched to Gnome.

KDE is very popular but for some reason, to me, using KDE feels like sleeping in a hospital bed. Don’t get me wrong, KDE is alright but with recent hardware and plenty of RAM, Gnome is just beautiful. Although there is nothing wrong with XFCE, I have moved on and won’t use it anymore unless sometime in the future, my hardware can’t handle the bloat which gets added every year.


If you are new to Linux then please don’t jump into the deep end and start with Arch Linux. Based on my experience, a good first distribution to begin your Linux journey is Zorin OS. This is especially true if the hardware is a bit dated.

For experienced users or for those who have a friend that is already proficient with Linux, EndeavourOS is hard to beat in 2022. Yes there are other choices but in the end I am always interested in the best tool for the job because time is too valuable for endless google searches to fix some weird issue.

If you happen to use Windows 10 and wonder about Linux then I’d like to state that 2022 is a good year to make the switch. Linux is an elegant and powerful operating system that can record and edit music, publish PDF and E books, make websites and code software limited only by our imagination and skill. Best of all, there are amazing free software applications which can be installed with one click or by issuing a short command and the constant updates keep us safe enough as we travel trough the more thorny paths of cyberspace.

I hope that my take of the best Linux distribution for 2022 will inspire you to check out Linux. Thank you for reading. Leave a comment and I shall do my best to provide additional information.

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