Ernst Renner

A city located on a hill can't be hidden. ~ Matthew 5:14

About me

As a Computer Assisted Design Technology Specialist (BCIT), I invite you to step into my creative studio, where innovation and artistry converge. With expertise in web design and development, I harness cutting-edge tools and techniques to craft digital experiences that captivate and inspire. From intricate 3D models crafted with precision to stunning visuals enhanced by AI, my work showcases a unique blend of technical skill and creative flair.

My passion lies in bringing your visions to life. With a deep understanding of state-of-the-art software, I offer customized web design and graphic design solutions, ensuring tailored outcomes that reflect your unique needs. Whether you seek to elevate your online presence or desire visually striking graphics, my expertise will transform your ideas into reality.

Explore my portfolio to discover a diverse collection of digital masterpieces, where each piece tells a story of innovation and creativity. From concept to completion, my dedication to craftsmanship ensures that every detail is meticulously refined. Join me on this exciting journey, where innovation meets artistry, and let’s create something extraordinary together.”


ernst renner music teacher

Welcome to my musical journey, where notes come alive and creativity flourishes. As a professional musician with roots in Austria and Canada, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in diverse cultures and drawing inspiration from each unique perspective. My path has been filled with memorable encounters and collaborations, shaping my artistic expression along the way.

Upon arriving in Canada, I began my musical endeavors as a music teacher and lounge pianist, later joining a traveling band that took me across the country. I played at various venues, met remarkable individuals, and embraced the fast-paced life of a touring musician. Yet, I found solace in personal music projects that challenged and inspired me creatively.

One of my collaborators, Ronda L., beautifully captures the essence of my contribution:

“Finally, heartfelt gratitude goes to Ernst, whose imagination and dedication turned these songs from mere dreams to reality”.

Ronda L.

My musical portfolio spans across genres and styles, from recording radio commercials to playing piano for promotional videos. I hold several music certifications, ensuring that my craft stays abreast with the latest technological trends. This unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and professionalism allows me to offer exceptional musical accompaniment for advertising campaigns, promotional videos, or any other creative venture.

My extensive experience, coupled with a deep understanding of diverse cultural influences, enables me to adapt to different creative directions while infusing each project with a touch of uniqueness. Whether you’re embarking on an upcoming advertising campaign or seeking musical accompaniment for a personal project, I’m here to help bring your vision to life.

Let’s collaborate and create something extraordinary. Reach out to me directly so we can discuss your specific needs, goals, and the magical notes that await us on this musical journey.”

Web design

Through my web development company, Prolific Web Design, we craft digital solutions that strengthen your online presence. Our team is passionate about translating your vision into a captivating online reality, offering tailored web development, graphic design, and software solutions.

We understand your unique needs and goals, collaborating closely to create a digital platform that truly represents your brand. From sleek web designs to captivating graphics, we bring your online vision to life. Our focus on user experience ensures a seamless and engaging journey for your audience across devices and platforms.

If you’re seeking to establish or enhance your online presence, Prolific Web Design is here to help. Let’s collaborate and create a digital masterpiece, empowering your business to thrive in the digital realm.”

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler

Programming: Crafting Digital Solutions

With a diverse programming background, I’ve worked extensively with languages such as PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript. My journey began at IBM Canada in the late 1990s, when I developed 10 music apps for children that were available on major platforms. I’ve since rewritten these apps as web apps for the Little Composers School of Music and Composition.

best free music app for young children
Actual screenshot of NOAH for Little Composers

The Canadian team behind Little Composers have created what may be the best music apps for younger kids, and they’re available on all tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs.

Kevin McGuire

My passion for programming extends beyond music education. I’m involved in various software development projects that enhance productivity and streamline processes. Looking back, I wish I had discovered the joy of coding sooner, as it has become a fulfilling and enjoyable aspect of my creative endeavors.

My programming skills, combined with my musical background, allow me to create innovative solutions that blend creativity with technical precision. Whether it’s crafting interactive web experiences or developing educational tools, I bring dedication and a meticulous approach to every project.”