yamaha genos satellite speaker placement

YAMAHA Genos Change Speaker Placement

I just modified the Yamaha GNS-MS01 Speaker System for my Genos arranger keyboard. By design, YAMAHA attaches the satellite speakers to the keyboard but what if that doesn’t fit your setup? Well, I have good news. To change the two satellite speakers, I’ve simply unplugged the short 1/4″ audio cables and replaced them with a longer ones.

Why I needed to move the attached speakers

If one uses more than one keyboard and the Genos is on the bottom, then the speakers are in they way. Also, if the Genos is placed on a studio desk, then the attached speakers can also be in the way. But there is a simple fix. If you remove on speaker, then you see that they are connected via a short audio cable. The good news is that swapping this short audio cable for a longer one will work just fine. Now, with more reach, the satellite speakers can be placed where ever it is convenient.

This is a game changer because without that trick, I would have had to buy a pair of studio monitors. Best of all, I was lucky to get hold of an original IKEA Jerker desk which is perfect for the Genos. What makes those IKEA desks especially useful is their ability to adjust the table height which allows for a precise setup just as if it were a real piano.

extending yamaha gns-ms01 speaker system

Key height from the floor

The ideal floor height for piano keys from floor to the top edge of the white keys is 28 1/2 inches.
For us Canadians, this means about 72 centimeters. If a person is not of average height, then this measurement can be adjusted during the IKEA desk setup.


Yamaha has designed a good quality speaker system for their top-of-the-line arranger keyboard. But the way they attached it makes placing the unit difficult unless one also users their custom stand. In the studio, the original Yamaha stand is not practical and depending on what additional gear one has, the stand does not fit.

Extending the GNS-MS01 satellite speakers with 2″ or 4″ audio cables is a cost-effective option and takes just minutes. What I especially love is that the designers who usually get many things wrong made the satellite speakers stand on their own. I was planning to print a 3D part to place them on the desk but because they balance nicely on their own, I don’t have to.


If you need to change the location of the Genos satellite speakers or reposition them in any way then put a soft cloth or acoustic foam below that round stand. It’s better to not have them sitting on a hard surface because that could introduce undesired noises such as rumbling at certain frequencies. The Genos sounds amazing so let’s keep it that way! 🙂

I hope that this blog post helps someone who has issues with finding that perfect setup. As always, I’m happy to answer any questions about this topic so feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading.


  1. Hi Ernst, Thank you for writing this article relating to the Genos MS 01 speakers. Can you tell me what you did with your subwoofer connection? Was it just connected to the Genos as it was designed for? I’m trying to get my Home Recording Studio working, and was wondering if it is possible to use the Genos speakers and subwoofer on a different Yamaha keyboard ( ie.. Yamaha Sx700 possibly, or my computer, or Mackie mixer) with an adapter for the subwoofer pin connector. Do you know if such an adapter exists? I’m still learning about connections and adapters for studio recording, and am not sure what is needed. My two keyboard 2 tier stand set up made placing the Genos MS 01 speakers on my Genos impossible, but I followed your advice and got some extension cables for the small speakers and they work fine now, away from the keyboard. If I could understand what to do with the subwoofer unit my Genos sound problems would be resolved since I have two Rokit speakers that I use when more output is needed. Thank you for considering my information request. Your assistance is appreciated. Chris

    • Hi Chris,
      The Genos’s audio output connector is, unfortunately, proprietary which means that it will only connect to the Genos (as far as I know). I just use it as described in my blog post and since the two satellite speakers are movable, any setup is possible which is great. If you happen to know a technician that specializes in audio equipment repair then you could get an adapter or cable made which would connect between the Genos speaker system and your Mackie mixer. All in all, the sound is very nice and I love watching movies with the Genos powered on so that I can use the speakers for that extra bass. Please stay in touch and if I come across something useful then I will update. – Ernst

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