google page speed ranking

Google Page Speed Ranking

As a web designer, I pay continuous attention to Google’s page speed ranking index. Regardless of the budget, I always make sure that everything I implement is optimized to the fullest. Google has long stated that slow sites won’t rank well but now, Google is getting more serious. They seem to have lost patience for all those bloated sites which are especially common in corporate environments.

I have just tested my personal site and was happy to see that my google rank for mobile devices got a score of 99. Unfortunately, the next few weeks are very busy as I am behind on more important projects but as soon as I find time, I will try to achieve the same perfect score for mobile devices as I get in the desktop category.

How to rank high on google’s page speed ranking

One of my favorite sayings states that “less is more“. These days, lots of websites use page builders of which there are plenty to chose from. One of the biggest advantages I have when it comes to designing websites is education. Once I realized the importance of well-made websites, I’ve enrolled in webdesign courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology where we had to use a simple text editor to write out all of the code tags and CSS rules.

Back then, it seemed overkill but now I am glad. Yes, code editors and frameworks speed up website development a lot but the speed advantage comes at a cost. The code will include lots and lots of unused components which are tedious to remove. This is probably why so many websites are bloated and need to be rewritten if the site owner or company wants to rank as high as possible.

TIP! Are you just staring out in web design?
If yes then I highly recommend OpenSUSE Linux which includes all of the software I use for my day-to-day web design needs. OpenSUSE is an amazing operating system based out of Germany and used by professionals and computer enthusiasts all over the world.

How to check my google page speed ranking

That’s the easy part. Just type “google page speed ranking” into your web browser’s search field and you will get the correct link. When the page opens, just type in your URL as in “” and wait a few seconds.

Please note the Google will give you two ratings. The first rating is for mobile devices and the second one which is not shown by default is for desktop computers which utilize larger screens.

Please check your page speed ranking periodically and if you have a question, feel free to post below. I will try to point you in the right direction. Thank you for reading.

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