fedora 35 gnome 41 dash to dock extension

Fedora 35 Gnome 41 How to install Dash to Panel extension

Right now, the Dash to Panel Gnome extension is not available in the repositories unless it is installed directly from Github.

Here is how I installed Dash to Panel on Fedora 35 (beta) Workstation.

fedora 35 gnome 41 dash to dock extension
Gnome 41 Dash to Panel Extension Screenshot
  1. Download the extension from Github
  2. Extract the the file zip file
  3. Open a terminal in the directory
    (This must the the directory you’ve extracted the file contents to)
  4. Run make install
  5. Log out and log in to activate
  6. Visit GnomeShell Extensions and select to configure

More details on installing Dash to Panel in Gnome 41

Instead of retyping something that already exists, I simply link to the Dash to Panel installation wiki page which is always a good idea to read before installing something.

Alternative to Dash to Panel

If, for some reason, the installation of Dash to Panel doesn’t work or you don’t like it then the best alternative is Floating Dock. I have used this extension before but my favorite will always be Dash to Panel. It simply looks and feels right. If you like to zoom the panel icons upon mouse over then you can set this setting in the preferences. Instead of tweaking the sliders, a quicker way is to just select Plank from the drop-down.

All in all, Fedora 35 is shaping up to be the perfect Linux distribution. A bit earlier, I’ve installed the 35 beta on an old MSI laptop, downloaded the MSIKLM application and it compiled without any issues. To me, that is always the sign of a “keeper”.

I hope that someone finds this information useful. Enjoy this beautiful extension and if you fancy the Windows 11 look/craze then set the applications button to “center”. It actually works better in the center than in the left lower corner. That’s about it. Thank you for reading.


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