python django web development

Python Django web development

Towards the end of November 2020, Amazon delivered a book which I want to use for learning Python programming. The title of the book is Python Crash Course (by Eric Metthes) and as I flipped trough the pages, I figured that around Easter 2021, I should have a basic understanding of the syntax. During the summer months, assuming that Covid19 would still keep us mostly at home, I hoped that I could start working on the games section and finally finish off with web development using the Django framework.

Python Django web development

Mr. Matthes did an outstanding job writing this book and reading his well crafted instructions made me realize that I will be able to learn much faster then I had planned. After about four weeks of studying and practicing for hours every day, I just created my first Python web site which surprised me.

Data science

When I ordered the Python Crash Course book, I had one simple goal which was to learn the basic Python syntax. About two weeks in, I started to work with data visualization and got hooked. There is something so fascinating about plotting data that I can’t stop tweaking information and generating bar graphs to show the results.

About 12 years ago, I was involved in developing a software program that would show a stacked graph which would show a months worth of data. Each work day featured a bar line that would change color when the next data point was reached. If I come across a screenshot, I will post it.

Fast forward 12 years. Python 3.8x with matplotlib installed can do the same thing which took maybe a week back then, in just minutes. I was able to recreate the same program and the whole process is rather simple. Maybe 30 lines of code is all that’s needed to generate all kinds of graphs that lets me see the data instead of just reading it. I am a visual person so seeing the fluctuations is instant while reading and comparing numbers seems now counterproductive.

Django Python framework

After just four weeks of learning, it’s too early to say if I will switch from WordPress to Django but having the first test site running locally means that I will know soon. My goes is to completely reprogram the Little Composers website which, once finished, will be an online learning management system that lets children compose their own music.

Currently, the site runs on WordPress with additional PHP pages that display the web apps so that the students can compose and learn. I have watched some YouTube videos that show virtual pianos which were coded in Python. If the user experience is that same as we achieve with JavaScript right now then it would be possible to do everything with Python.

It’s too early to say but one thing is for sure. Python is an awesome programing language that even someone like can learn. If you want to start writing your own software then I can highly recommend Python. This is especially true if data analysis is something that interests you. Until a few days ago, I didn’t even know that this is a sought after skill with a growing demand.

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