IKEA Linmon desk support vea computer arm

IKEA Linmon Desk Top Supports VESA Computer Arm

Two weeks ago, I attached two computer arms to my IKEA Linmon desk top. Each arm holds a 28″ 4K display and there are no signs of bending. Even after many days of pulling and bending the monitors, I see no wear on the Linmon desk top.

Some YouTube videos mention that extra plywood is needed to provide the needed support but I chose to attach the monitor arms without additional wood pieces. The reason why the Linmon desk top does not show any wear is probably based on the fact that I attached the monitor arms at the rear corners instead along the back edge.

Best place to attach monitor arms to a Linmon tabletop

The large Linmon tabletop has extra bracing at the corners. To take advantage of that, I mounted my arms very close to the rear corners. This way, I can sill pull them towards the Acer 32″ 4K center monitor while taking advantage of the extra strength the corners provide.

IKEA Linmon desk support vea computer arm

How to prevent the Linmon tabletop from sliding

One of the best way to hold up a Linmon tabletop is to place it on top of Alex drawers from IKEA. Unfortunately, doing so causes the tabletop to slide if the office chair rolls into it. To prevent that, I have cut up a set of ear plugs into small tiny pieces and placed them on top of the Alex drawer units. Ear plugs are made of a foam-like material and the weight of the monitors will be sufficient to stabilize the tabletop as if it were glued to the surface.

This little IKEA hack costs next to nothing but provides years of stability. Once those pieces have been put between the tabletop and the Alex draws, it is not possible to slide the the top at all.
I have used the same trick when I placed studio monitors on the desk.

Linmon tabletop cable management

To give the monitor arms enough space to move freely, I had to pull the tabletop forward by about four inches. To prevent the cables hanging lose at the rear end of the table, I 3D printed a few brackets which I glued onto the tabletop. Most of the cables travel behind the desk and are held up by the plastic brackets. All in all, the setup is practical and the narrow Linmon tabletop leaves me plenty of room to roll my char between the two desks. It’s the best setup that I have ever had. Monitor arms might not be practical for every situation but in my case, they made a huge difference. Thanks for reading.

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