CAD / 3D

I am a BCIT-educated Computer Assisted Design Technology Specialist and intimately familiar with SolidWorks, FreeCAD and Blender 3D which I have used since 1999. All images shown on this page were modeled, textured, lit and rendered with Blender.

Current work (summer 2019)

ernst renner bathroom renovation 2019
Bathroom Renovation Render 1
ernst renner bathroom reno close-up render 2
Bathroom Renovation Close-up Render
ernst renner bathroom reno close-up tile texture
Bathroom Renovation Tile Render

3D Box design

I am rendering out a series of software boxes for the Little Composers website and here is a test render which I’ve set up to help me with tweaking the light rig. Those of you who specialize in rendering know that white products against a white background can be tricky to get right.
After exporting the render, I spent 10 minutes adding additional artwork in GIMP.

Product packaging design for

Older work

The image below is my all-time favorite creation for which I still receive compliments to this day.

ernst renner app artwork iPad iPhone render
A similar render was used for the Little Composers Trumpet app which I sold on iTunes back in 2010.

A few years ago I had a thing for modeling concept cars. Those were the days …

ernst renner 3d artwork sample

Over the past 20 years, I have created 2.6 Gigabytes of rendered artwork and scene files.

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