starting another life

Another life is about to begin

My life changed beyond my comprehension when I immigrated to Canada and soon, another major change is going to happen. If it is meant to be, I will live the rest of my life in southern Europe where I found a special place. Canada is an amazing country, but North America seems to be moving towards a future that is a little too modern for me. Because of that, I started to look for a slower life and I think that I finally found it.

starting another life

Semi Retirement

As a web designer, the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world is a definite perk. If I had pursued another career path, I would have been limited to working only within Vancouver, which has its benefits but can also be limiting. My desire for change and adventure led me to discover a stunning region in southern Europe, where I was greeted with warm hospitality, delicious cuisine, and affordable prices. Embracing new experiences is key to living a fulfilling life, just as it was when I was younger.

In the days and months to come, I will blog more about my plans and this special place where I found my little paradise. Stay tuned and thank you for your time.

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