Web Design

WordPress and HTML-driven Sites

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These days, most of my work consists of creating or updating WordPress-driven web sites. I have used WP for 15 years and appreciate the robust code base.

But WordPress is not for everyone. Sometimes, a hand-coded HTML/ CSS based website simply outperforms a CMS if a member system is not needed. As a BCIT-educated web designer, I often just grab a pre-made framework instead of the big and bloated CMS’s. With a bit of PHP and Javascript, a light-weight HTML framework can go a long way.

After 15 years of working on all kinds of websites, I now have customers all over the world. The bulk of my work happens on the Little Composers server which is located in the US. The site is complex and consists of multi-level nested sites that serve web apps and a LMS (Learning Management System) to registered members.

I just started to take on sub-contract work for an advertising agency and because of that, I do not take on new clients until later this year.