install best xfce icon theme

Install a new XFCE icons theme

The last step of making Arco Linux XFCE look great is changing the icon theme. I should say that Arco Linux includes a lot of beautiful icon themes already and you can try different combinations for hours. This article is about achieving a high-end look and to get that, we need to grab one final download.

Korla Icon Theme

To get started, point Firefox towards this URL.
The credit for creating this stunning icon theme goes to tarma who has an incredible gift.

Out of all the icon themes that I have ever seen, korla is by far the nicest one. On my 4K monitors, this theme just kills. The same goes for the 2K ultrawide panel. Just amazing.

preview home directory icons

How to install the Korla icon theme

After you download the zip archive, extract it in your Downloads directory. Open the extracted directory which contains 4 sub directories. We are interested in the first folder which is called korla. The other folders can be ignored because they wouldn’t match the dark theme which we just installed.

Copy the koral directory by right-clicking on it and selecting copy from the pop-up. If you still have the Thunar file browser themes directory open, then navigate out of themes and switch to icons. Once there, copy the korla directory to the icons directory. That’s is.

If you already closed the browser windows, then simply open a new browser windows by going to File > New Window. Move the new window so that you can see both file browsers side-by-side. In one browser, doesn’t mater which one, click on File System (DEVICES) and then usr > share > icons.

Once the icons directory is open, right click inside an a blank area and select “Open folder as root” from the popup. Enter your password and copy the korla directory to the icons directory.

Settings Manager

Now open the settings manager and click the Appearance icon. Select the “Icons” tab and you will see all of the icon themes you have installed on your computer. Scroll down until you see Korla and select it. You can close all open windows now and maybe leave on Thunar windows open to admire your work. If all went well, then you should have a beautiful desktop that looks as good as an iMac.

If something is off then know that XFCE is extremely configurable. If the fonts need tweaking then XFCE can do that. Depending on what you want to change, you can use YouTube to see what others have done and if you see something that you like, make a note of it so that you don’t have to waste time searching next time.

The next article is about setting up your home network. If you only have once computer then you can skip it. If you have an iMac and a Linux computer then install SAMBA and share files between the two computers easily. ArcoLinux is the best distribution when it comes to setting up local file sharing.

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