geckolinux samba configuration

GeckoLinux SAMBA Configuration

geckolinux samba configuration

By default, GeckoLinux does not include a SAMBA setup and configuration option. This means that YaST2 won’t provide an option to configure it. This blog post will help those who need to get SAMBA up and running to share files with other computers on the local network.

Installing the missing yast2-samba-server package

The creator(s) of geckolinux have enabled four out of the five needed packages already and once we add “yast2 samba server”, the option to configure SAMBA with YaST will appear.

View > Patterns > File Server > yast2-samba-server
To get started, open Software Management and click the View drop-down button. From there, select Patterns and look/scroll down the list of check boxes and click on File Server.

This will reveal the packages which are already installed. To add the SAMBA configuration option to YaST, just right-click on the yast2-samba-server package and select install from the drop-down.
A new window will pop up listing the dependencies. OK those and proceed with installing. After a few seconds the installation is complete and then we can install SAMBA with YaST.

Gecko Linux adding a samba user

Installing and starting samba is not enough. To access the shares from another computer, we also need to add a samba user. To keep things simple, I add myself (my login user name) with this command which needs to by typed into the terminal:

sudo smbpasswd -a yourusername
Make sure that you use an actual user name instead of the placeholder I have provided above! Then enter the password twice and as soon as that is done, you can see and access the new samba shares (computer) on the local network.
In XFCE, this is done my opening Thunar and selecting Browse Network.

If you have questions about GeckoLinux then post them below and if I will try to provide an answer or a link to some helpful online documentation of which there is not much available (hence this post). Thank you for reading. Enjoy GeckoLinux!

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