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Note: Ubuntu Linux, my latest eBook is in the early stages and very much a work in progress. Unless something comes up, I will most likely stick to the ToC listed below.

Update Jan 1, 2021

I have just switched from Manjaro to Ubuntu. Because of that, the content of this eBook will be rewritten to reflect this change.

Table of Contents


Target audience
About the author

Chapter 1: Installing Ubuntu

Downloading and verifying the iso
Live boot Ubuntu
Installing Ubuntu Gnome edition
Setup firewall and samba file sharing
Updating and system tweaks
System backup with Timeshift

Chapter 2: Installing software

Repositories for Nvidia, audio and video codes
Which software to get and why
GIMP & G’imic
Command line utilities

Chapter 3: Advanced applications

Terminal 1 – basics
Terminal 2 – python, youtube-dl, pwgen and much more
GPG Keys and mounting of remote web servers
Firejail, SublimeText, Codium, Grsync

Chapter 4: Community

Back to work

Dear visitor,
Back in 2008, I saw a Clint Eastwood movie called Grand Torino. The part which spoke to me the most was filmed in the well equipped shop behind the house. At one point, Mr. Eastwood grabs a can of WD40, vice grips and a roll of duct tape from the shelf and says these words to a 15-year old boy: “with these three tools you can fix half the things in a household”.
I use just a few software titles to do a wide variety of work. Listing what I have created with a handful of open-source software would fill a big book so here is the short version.

I created all audio, artwork and advertising assets for 10 apps which were for sale on iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Store. 20 years worth of web design, hand-coding countless HTML 3, 4, 5, CSS, PHP and JavaScript files. These days I work mostly with WordPress but the local instances all run on XAMP. I use LibreOffice to create eBooks and Audacity and Reaper to record or tweak audio and the list goes on. It is amazing how much one can do with a handful of well-made software applications.

If you want to learn new skills or even better, if you are just starting out then change the way you browse the internet. Look up Linux news instead of political garbage which is everywhere these days. Learn skills on YouTube instead of watching cheap thrills which cater to low IQ’s. YouTube has everything you need to find your way and navigate the future. Learn something new every day and master a handful of opensource software titles. The rest will work itself out.

Thank you for reading. Please post if you have questions. Return to the main eBook page

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