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eBook : Strong and Secure Passwords

Here is a look at the Table of Contents for my latest eBook which carries the title: Strong and Secure Passwords

Table of Contents


Target audience
About the author

Part 1: Windows 10

List of 10
How to create the .txt file
How to name the passwords.txt file
7 Zip (free software)
External backup
Supplemental information

Part 2: Linux

List of 10 (alternate example)
Master password list
Advanced naming the .txt file
Unbreakable passwords
7 Zip and GPG2
Supplemental information

Part 3: Advanced topics

shred – never delete a file without first shredding it
pwgen – how to install and use this powerful command line script
touch – how to falsify creation, last access and last change info
How to create multiple master lists to slow down cracking
John the Ripper – how to crack an encrypted file
Rainbow tables
The law
Final advise

Thank you for showing interest in this eBook. I am working hard to have it ready for the Amazon Store as soon as possible but ask for your patience while I make the final revisions. Once published, I won’t be able to correct errors so I am making sure that I get it right before I submit.

Thank you for reading. Please post if you have questions. Return to the main eBook page

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