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Finally, a text that is different from all of those warnings that bombard us 24/7 about using strong passwords. Anyone can type a long and strong password just like anyone can sit down on a piano and press random keys for a minute. Few can recall what they just did and this is where my eBook Encrypt of Regret comes in.
It is the only eBook that teaches some memory techniques which help you, the reader, with crafting long and strong passwords and see them. Yes, you have read that right. You need to see your password just like a pianist sees the music score. Do you need killer passwords that you can’t forget even if you tried?

Table of Contents


Target audience
About the author

Chapter 1: Windows or Linux

Mastering 0123456789
Creating the list
Installing 7zip

Online password generator
The file name

Chapter 2: Linux

The big picture
Installing 7zip


Chapter 3: Advanced Topics

Tails Linux


Supplemental information for my eBook “Encrypt or Regret”

Long and strong passwords are a must when it comes to protecting your information. The key to memorizing long complex passwords is found in the simple-to-remember number sequence 0123456789 (see chapter 1).
I have developed this technique many years ago and can easily remember up to 100 characters which are considered unbreakable for years to come. There are people on the net who state that quantum computers can crack any passwords but let’s be practical. John the Ripper, running on a powerful gaming computer, takes hours and weeks to crack an 8-digit password.
Just to be on the safe side, my eBook will teach you to “hide” your sensitive information because what one can’t see, one can’t crack.

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