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eBook Toc: 3D Design and Print

I am a maker and the rise of the 3D printer propelled me into a new realm which is, simply put, exciting. To help me with all of the tasks, I have created notes which I am now sharing in the form of an eBook.

My design software of choice is FreeCAD running on Arch Linux. Once I am finished with creating a model, I export it to Blender for rendering and/or as an .stl file for slicing. I use CURA by Ultimaker to slice my models for 3D printing with my Artillery Sidewinder X1.
Now let’s move on the the ToC.

Table of Contents


Target audience
About the author

Part 1: Design

Installing FreeCAD (latest version)
Design intent
Tech Draw
Part Design
STL Export

Part 2: 3D Render

Installing Blender 3D
Blender Preferences
Optional Plugins
Photo-realistic Texturing
HDRI Environments for CAD
Final Render with EEVEE or Cycles

Part 3: 3D Printing

Installing Ultimaker CURA
Installing the SWX1 3D printer profile
Tweaking the settings
Export the G-Code to USB
BONUS! Advanced configuration


Part 4: 3D Printing

Artillery Sidewinder X1
Filament types
Cleaning the printer bed
Heating values for bed and filament
Leveling the bed for perfect results
Initiating the print


This book caters mostly to people who own an SWX1 3D printer. Chapters 1 to 3 are not hardware specific but the details I cover are specific to the Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer.

I will update this information when the book is closer to being published. If 3D design and printing is something that interests you then go to the main eBooks page and fill in your email address to get notified before I publish.

Thank you for reading. Please post if you have questions. Return to the main eBook page

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