ebook that teaches how to create secure passwords

eBook How To Create Secure Passwords

Do you want an eBook that teaches how to create secure passwords that are unbreakable? If you have a need to encrypt inventions or other sensitive information email account logins and passwords then you have come to the right place.

Anything that can be stored on a computer hard drive can be encrypted including the hard drive. Because of the never ending evolution of computer hardware, I do not recommend to store sensitive data on a computer. Instead, it is much better to use a few USB sticks and distribute them according to the value they hold.

Encrypting files and folders is easy

There are many software programs that make encrypting data easy. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and a copy of your original files gets created that can only be opened if the correct passphrase is entered. While software makes the process of encrypting something easy, it does not help at all with creating a password. Yes, there are websites such as https://passwordsgenerator.net/ which I used a lot over the past years. If my eBook which is all about unbreakable passwords does not interest you, then I highly recommend that you use the password generator website to assist you.

What is the key to a secure password

The longer the better. By that I mean that passwords that protect valuable information must be as long as a given program allows. I recommend to use up to 256 characters.
How does one memorize a password that looks like this?


It’s easier than you think. The above password is 256 characters long and never typed out. Very long passwords need to be copied and pasted only. Even if we could memorize this somehow, it would take too long to type and trigger a time-out.

My eBook Create and Memorize Unbreakable Passwords provides additional tricks of the trade which make the above password even more secure. If you wonder why the above password is still not secure enough then consider what would happen if someone got hold of it. So yes, there is a lot more to know in order to make passwords truly unbreakable.

About quantum computers

When I do a workshop on password security, the topic of quantum computing surfaces almost right away. Some big players have invested in very expensive hardware and extremely powerful software that specialize on breaking encryption. The good news is that those who have access to such technology are not stupid enough to crack Joe Nobody’s (apologies if you happen to have that name) email logins. Big business goes after big business.

Still, what’s my business is my business and that is the reason why I encrypt my inventions and source files. In closing I should mention that most governments have strong laws that force their citizens to provide passwords upon request. My guess is that if something is properly encrypted, then it is not easy to open after all. If it were not so, they wouldn’t even ask and just crack it.

Coaching available

I live in Vancouver (Canada) and provide coaching services to local individuals. My eBook is based on those sessions and explains the steps needed to create and memorize secure passwords. In fact, my method is so unique that even if a password list would be acquired by what ever means, it still would no be enough to succeed. A little creativity and trickery goes a long way and this is especially true when it comes to protecting valuable data.

A typical coaching session consists of a one hour presentation and is followed by an additional hour where I answer case-specific questions the customer has. The fee is CAN $ 100 and can be paid by Visa, PayPal or cash. Contact me for times of availability and if you reside outside Vancouver then consider getting my eBook which will be published by the end of February 2020.
Thank you for reading.

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