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Boot Arco Linux B from USB stick

Once you have the bootable Arclo Linux B USB stick, it’s time to boot off of it. If you have removed it for some reason or if you created it on another computer then insert it on the machine you want to boot.

If you created a bootable USB 3 stick then make sure that you insert it to a fast USB input. Most computers have multiple USB inputs on the front panel or side panels if you use a laptop. Although ether option will work, a USB3 stick will boot much faster if inserted into the right input.

Test run

If you don’t know which function key to press during boot then reboot your computer and watch for a clue. Most machines will display a quick image and text in the lower region of the monitor that looks like this.

The above image shows the message my MSI laptop displays during the first stage of the boot.
The three lines mean the following.
DEL : pressing the delete key will enter the BIOS setup.
F11 : pauses the boot at the boot menu
F3 : continue with the regular boot process.

We are interested in the second option which, in my case, is F11. Again, your machine will most likely tell you to press F12 or another function key. Every manufacturer uses their own key combinations.

Halted at the boot menu

Upon pressing the correct F key, your computer will halt or stop at the boot menu. Here is what that boot menu looks like on my MSI laptop. Note that regardless of your computer brand, it almost always is a blue screen with white text on it. Very new computers might have a fancy GUI with graphics but still, the process is the same.

boot menu select usb stick

To navigate the boot menu options, follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen. In my example, you can see that the up and down arrow keys are used to select the available options. In my case, I want “KinstonDataTraveler”. Upon selecting that, I press ENTER on the keyboard and start the boot process. Unlike before, this time, my computer will start from the USB stick because I just told it so.

Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes, rebooting a computer will bypass the function keys. This manes that holding the correct F key will not stop the boot process. If that happens, simply power the computer off for 10 – 15 seconds. Then start the computer by pressing the power button and right away, hold down the correct F key.

In 99 out of 100 cases, powering a computer completely off and then turning it on again, will produce the expected results.

Thank you for reading this article which is a sub page of installing Arco Linux B
Please post if you have questions.

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