best XFCE theme 2020

Best XFCE Theme 2020

I discovered the best XFCE theme which will be my default for the rest of 2020. Linux is an amazing operating system and lets me theme the operating system anyway I want to. So which look do I want? Simple. Every since I bought my iMac computer, I have preferred the OSX look.

Amazingly, my Arch-based Linux workstation looks stunningly with the Cameo-Dark-OSX them which I downloaded from

There are many websites that offer themes and icons but I prefer the website because it provides user ratings and comments which give me a good starting point for my search.

Why search for a new theme?

Reallly one one reason. Often, there is a tiny glitch which is most likely related to my custom setup and configuration and the last theme I used had issues with highlighting the menu text upon mouse over. It didn’t bug me because I know my menu well but still, it was not perfect.

Now I found a better theme which checks all the boxes, looks stunning on my ultrawide 34″ monitor and inspires me to create. In the end, that is what a work environment is all about. Using a nice-looking operating system is a joy and I do enjoy creating content for the Little Composers School of Music & Composition.

Here is a direct link to the Cameo-Dark-OSX theme

The Came Dark OSX theme has many 10 out of 10 rating which shows me that the creator has done a perfect job.

Sometimes links change so if you happen to read this in the future and the link is no longer working then please leave a comment below so that I can update this post.

If you open the above link then you can find the dark version of the theme in the “Files” section. I prefer the dark themes because I work mostly during the evening and night hours. Dark themes seem to be easier on my eyes. Thank you for reading and if you are searching for the best XFCE theme in 2020 then do check out the Cameo Dark OSX theme.

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