Artillery Sidewinder X1 Tips and Tricks


Problem: All files saved to the USB stick start with the same letters. H
ow to just use the actual file name?
Solution: Start Cura and go to > Preferences > Configure Cura
From the pop-up window, scroll down to the Opening and saving files category and uncheck “Add machine prefix to job name“.
This will remove your printer name for the project file and displays the actual given file name.

Cura save easy to read file names

Q: How to prevent edges from peeling up during printing?
When printing thin parts, the edges of the model easily lift up if the bed temperature is too hot. Some experimenting is needed but if a part is two mm or less, then the printer bed temperature should be between 50 – 60 degrees. Hotter than that and you are asking for trouble.
Additionally, making sure the you are not printing in a cold room is a must. If your room temperature is on the cool side, then the printer needs to be in a case.
If a case is not available, then slowing down the print speed can help as well.


Alternate use for empty filament spool holders.
I don’t use WIFI to network my home computers because I need the extra speed which can only be gotten by using good old Cat6 cables. My setup has changed which left me with much longer cables than needed.
To clean up the mess, I reuse empty filament spools to wind up the cables and tuck em under one of the desks.

More to come as I have time to add them …

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