cura 4.6 artillery sidewinder swx1 configuration

Artillery Sidewinder X 1 Cura 4.6 Profile Setup

Update! This blog post covers the latest Cura 4.7 profile installation and setup

I just installed my Artillery Sidewinder X 1 Cura Profile version 4.6 on a new computer. First, I downloaded the Cura 4.6 files from 3D Nexus
After unzipping them, I got the following directories and files inside the 3DN Artillery SWX1 and Genius Cura 4.6.1 Profiles directory folder.

  • definitions
  • extruders
  • materials
  • meshes
  • quality
  • various


Besides the directories, there were also four .curaprofiles which get added last.

I’m on Linux so the file path for the extracted directories which are listed above are:

cura 4.6 artillery sidewinder x1 configurationThe file download is over 30 meg which includes a short video for Windows users.

Load the CURA software and select the Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer from the available profiles. After the printer loads, go to Preferences > Profiles and start importing the four .curaprofiles and activate the one you most likely use first. More or less, that’s it. Happy printing. I love my Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer which has worked flawlessly from the day I got it.  No upgrades, just Cura profile tweaks.

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