artillery sidewinder SW X1 Cura 4.7 profile setup installation

Artillery Sidewinder SW X1 Cura 4.7 Profile Installation and Setup

Installation and setup instructions for the new Cura 4.7 profile which was just came out for the Artillery Sidewinder SW X1 3D printers.

The latest version of CURA which is currently v4.8 includes a Artillery Sidewinder X1 profile. The days of manually configuring our favorite 3D printer are OVER.

Step 1 – Download the Cura 4.7 profile

I just downloaded the Cura 4.7 profile from thingiverse via this link

Step 2 – Install Artillery Sidewinder SW X 1 Cura 4.7 profile

Unzip the downloaded Cura 4.7 profile in the downloads directory (if that’s where you downloaded the file to) which will unpack into several new directories and readme texts etc. We need the “Cura 4.7 Profile” directory which holds:

  • definitions
  • extruders
  • meshes
  • quality
  • variants

Step 3 – Move the above directories/files to your Cura install

On Linux, the directory path is: /home/username/.local/share/cura
I assume the under Windows 10, the files are in the Program Files directory which should have a Cura sub directory.

Once there, open each of the downloaded directories and copy or drag the files into their respective Cura paths. Example: The content of the definitions directory goes inside the definitions directory inside the Cura software program and so on. If a directory does not exist (like “meshes” for example) then copy the directory and paste it inside the 4.7 directory. The whole process is pretty straight forward.

Step 4 – Setup the 3D printer

Now it’s time to open Cura (the software) and go to Preferences > Configure Cura > Printers. From that tab, you can now select Artillery Sidewinder X1. The rest is just the same as in the previous install of the Cura 4.6 profile. Depending on the part you want to print, the print speeds, heat settings, infills and so on need to be carefully chosen in order to get the best results.

I have just followed the above instructions and installed Cura 4.7 in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed which runs on my MSI laptop. As we speak, two microphone cable clips are printing which, once done, will provide a nice and clean cable management function for my Rode microphone arm.

artillery sidewinder SW X1 cura 4.7 profile cable clips
Just finished printing a pair of cable clips for my Rode microphone arm

Since the part(s) are very small, I’ve accepted the default Cura profile settings with an extrude height of 0.2 mm and I have also selected to iron the top layer. The print speeds were left at the default and to print two clips takes about 30 minutes. If they fit nicely, then I will print two more right away.

artillery sidewinder SW X1 Cura 4.7 Settings

Thank you for reading. As always, I am happy to provide additional information but keep in mind that my Windows 10 experience is not sufficient enough to help.


    • Hey good news. The new version of Cura, 4.8 no longer requires us to install anything. Artilery Sidewinder X1 is now part of the list and all we have to do is select it. FINALLY! 🙂

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